1st August, 2008

One week down – Quitting Smoking Sucks

Well they say that the first week of quitting smoking is the worst.  I think that might apply more to quitting cold turkey though.  There must be some withdrawal going on because my nicotine intake is being reduced. 

This 21mg patch that I’m not wearing for the full 24 hours is probably not giving out nearly as much as I was getting before.  I’m trying to avoid using the gum at the same time.  So, yah I’m a little edgy to say the least.

Eating breakfast is weird.  Making lunch is also strange.  Exercise hurts.

How’s that for being mr. sunshine?  My wife came back from Vegas.  I hope she can put up with me.

30th July, 2008

Treadmill to beat the smoking?

Yes, this is actually working.  I have the treadmill set up just outside my office.  When the phone rings, I walk over to the treadmill put it on a low speed and I walk while I talk.  It helps me feel like I’m pacing, I don’t think about smoking, and best part is !

This is border line miraculous…

30th July, 2008

Sleeping with the Nicorette patch on is bad news

I’ve found that sleeping with the patch on is bad news.  I didn’t sleep well.  I had weird and sometimes bad dreams.  Usually I never dream. The patch releases nicotine in a time controlled manner – but you don’t smoke when you’re sleeping. 

I’ve been told that keeping it on all night helps those that wake up in the middle of the night and smoke, and those that light up before they get out of bed in the morning.  Fortunately, I don’t do that. So no more patch at night!

29th July, 2008

I feel like my head is going to explode…

Ugh.  I guess the patch is working.  I only feel mildly homicidal.  My lungs physically ache – like they’re begging for smoke.  Why does addiction suck so much?  I wonder if any of this is from the lack of caffeine?

“They” say quitting smoking is worse than quitting heroine.  I guess the looming threat of death each time you stick a ciggy in your mouth isn’t as there – as it is with heroine. It’s not frightening as what’s going to happen down the road if I keep smoking.

Smoking will kill me. This will be over soon.  The first week is the worst.


28th July, 2008

My phone rang…

It’s really weird sitting in my chair talking on the phone.  I usually pace and chain smoke.

Not happy…where’s that gum…

28th July, 2008

First day at work – No Smoking!

Up this morning.  Put on my patch first thing.  Went downstairs for a nice bowl of Special K and an apple.  Mmmm breakfast.  Good thing my wife is not here.

I really want some coffee.

Have the gum ready just in case.

I hope my phone doesn’t ring..

27th July, 2008

Move your butt dude

I need to get active.  Need to move my butt.  Somehow this is the part of this entire thing that scares me the most.  Exercise is just – uncomfortable, and messy =)

I’m fortunate that I’m self employed.  I have a feeling this would be a lot harder to do if I worked for someone, and possibly didn’t have the support of my boss.  I am also pretty lucky that I’m a software developer.  It’s not really an 8-5 kind of job so I have flexibility.

In the morning, I’m kindof a vegetable.  Its a lot like being a zombie actually.  Get up, make coffee, smoke, sit, work.  For now I’m going to try and get my exercise in around 11ish.  Exercise, shower, eat lunch and back to work.

During my teenage years, I was big into alpine ski racing.  I used to race for .  I *loved* it.  We would ski 5 days a week.  Often spending weekends out in the various mountain ski resorts.  Man, were those good days.   First thing in the morning we’d be up and go for a run.  (I really didn’t like this bit).  We’d eat breakfast and then hit the hill.  Ski all day, then on the way back into town we’d do some “dry land” training.  Soccer, running, maybe even some odd form of torture the coaches would come up with.  Back then I was in pretty great shape…Hopefully I can leverage those experiences now.

The Tools

My mother had a treadmill she was using for a clothes rack, I snuck over there this weekend and stole it.  It’s nothing fancy but it will do the trick.

As silly as it may sound I think there is some promise to using the Wii Fit balance board and the game that ships with it as a tool in my battle against flab.

The Plan

Wait for it.  So, Monday through Friday I plan to do twenty to thirty minutes of either treadmill, or Wii Fit around lunch time.

So there it is.  Not much of a plan – but every day I’m going to do as much moving as I can.  No way I’m going to be running a marathon – I probably could even walk one but I have to start somewhere.

26th July, 2008

You are what you eat

Ewww.  Not good for me if that’s true.  I think one of my KEY problems is this – the single giant meal.  I get up in the morning, fire up the coffee maker.  Check the email.  Once the coffee is brewed I check the news, then I head out for a smoke and get ready for the day.

Sometimes I’ll go grab lunch.  The key thing being – I”m going out usually for fast food.  Most of the time however, I suppress my hunger with coffee and cigs.  Come dinner time we make a huge meal.  To our credit – dinner is usually healthy’ish when we cook.  We do eat out a lot though.

Some key flaws in my diet:

  1. Never eat breakfast, rarely eat lunch
  2. Eat out a lot
  3. Too much red meat
  4. Rarely eat vegetables, rarely eat fruit
  5. Drink wayyy too much coffee

So – I’ve gone out and bought groceries.  I bought fruit, I bought vegetables, I bought some Special K cereal.  This  I bought some multigrain bread and sandwich meats for lunch.  is all so unusual – and kindof expensive too.

Starting tomorrow, first thing I’m eating breakfast.  At lunch time, I will make a nice sandwich with some turkey (unfortunately processed), lettuce, and mustard.

Dinner for now – is going to consist of chicken breast and some veg.  Not sure yet what I’m going to put on them – but I am going to be eating a LOT of chicken breast.

For snacks to help with the quitting smoking, I’ve gone with those little baby carrots, fuji apples, and grapes.

I’ve also picked up a thing of Centrum multivitamins.  I had to check with the pharmacist to help me find the most appropriate one.  Who’d have thought there were so many…

Finally – Since, I’m quitting everything else so I’m also quitting coffee.   Good bye coffee, hello new life

25th July, 2008

Kicking the Habit

I’ve smoked for about 15 years.  I remember my parents warning me,  they said "Don’t do it, it’s really hard to quit and you will regret it".  Those were the years where I didn’t listen to my parents very much.  Add that to the ‘fact’ that I was indestructible, and I had iron will power.  I could quit whenever I felt like it.  Meh.  I should have listened to my parents.

I’ve quit smoking several times since I started.  Once, for over a year.  However the first time I went out with some friends I started again.  Yes, I literally hid for a year and avoided people that smoked.  Not good.

I’ve tried most smoking cessation products.  The patch, the gum, Zyban,  the little plastic things you stick by your ears, I’ve even tried hypnotism.

Before I go any further, please read this brief page if you have not already.  .

This time around I’ve settle on using a combination of and .   My biggest concern oddly enough is the telephone.  For a lot of people driving is their biggest trigger, mine is the phone.  I work from home and as soon as that phone rings, I run strait outside or to the garage and light up.   Working from home does result in a lot of phone calls too…

I plan to use the Step 1 patch – 21 mg of nicotine.  I plan to keep the lowest dose of the gum on hand for “craving spot control”. 

Oddly enough, using the patch instead of smoking will cost significantly less than cigarettes.  Roughly fifty dollars for two weeks worth of patches, compared to twelve dollars per pack of smokes.

Next up, my diet plan…

23rd July, 2008

“You’re borderline diabetic, and your cholesterol puts you at risk for a heart attack”

My doctor told me that recently.  I’ll be turning 30 in a few weeks.  I’m 5’6”, I weigh like 250+ lbs.  I smoke a pack or more a day.  I sit in front of a computer 12 to 18 hours a day.  I drink way too much coffee.  I have terrible eating habits.

Its time to make some changes in my life.  I know what I need to do.  Fix the diet, start exercising, quit smoking.  While I’m at it might as well quit drinking coffee too.  This is a perfect week to start.  My wife is leaving for a week long trip to Las Vegas with her sister tomorrow.  She’s not going to want to be around me this week…