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That’s awesome and I’m stoked you’re considering joining our team.  I’ve found that the Beachbody coaching is a fantastic opportunity to push myself to attain my next fitness goal.  It’s a great way to meet new people and it’s a great way to supplement my income.  Some people even make a full time career of coaching.  Coaches also get discount pricing on Beachbody products which make the cost of becoming a coach a no brainer!


Beachbody does not offer a magic pill or powder that will take off the weight.  Their programs work because they’re hard, and it’s because they’re hard – they work.  You’ve probably met a er who just rants and raves about the program?  There is a reason for that!  Yes you can buy supplements from Beachbody but they’re just tools to help you work harder.  Coaches help push their team to succeed with these challenging workouts.  Heard enough?  To sign up visit the link and click on Coach and fill out the brief form to .


Why join us?

Getting started is simple and it only costs about 40$. If you’re a Canadian you will need a company with a registered tax ID.  I will help you connect with someone to get a company setup if needed.  Once you become and active coach we’ll also help you get setup with your own personalized web site which is key to helping you build your brand on the internet.   As long as you are an active coach on our team we’ll host your site for free and also give you a free e-mail address – with 25GB of mail storage.


I’m a serial entrepreneur.  In the last ten years I’ve started several successful businesses and also a few that didn’t work out.  I’ve learned a few things about running a small to medium size business and I love to mentor my coaches to help them learn from my experiences.  Joining our team will also get you access to regular calls with a number of superstar Beachbody coaches that our team is aligned with.  Starting off with us will help you achieve both your fitness and financial goals!  Visit this link, click on the coach link and by filling out the form.


Huge Savings

Here is your first entrepreneurial tip.  immediately entitles you to saving money on all your orders from Beachbody.  One order will probably cover the 40$ you spent to sign up.   There is yet another big savings available.  As a coach your personal health and results are a tool used by your business.  This makes your Beachbody purchases eligible to be done through your company.  Companies and individuals have different rules when it comes to paying the government taxes.  As an individual you pay taxes when you get paid.  You spend your post-tax dollars on the things you want to buy.  A corporation buys what it needs and pays tax on what is left over – or pays no tax if the company “makes no money”.  In this case making “no money” is great because you’ve bought supplies you need to grow your business – which before being a coach would have come out of your after tax money and probably paid yourself too.  Personal tax rates vary but its possible you can save an additional 20-40% by buying your Beachbody programs and supplements through your company!  You may even get money back from the government come tax time.

Have questions?

Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.  E-mail me at  Call or text me at 780 485 7899.   You can also connect with me on and .


I look forward to seeing !



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