Your Coach

Recently BeachBody has opened up the program to Canadians.  I had wanted to be a coach since I finished my first round of but the opportunity was not available.  I was looking for something to help me jumpstart my fitness regimen again and decided that helping others meet their goals was the perfect driver for me.  You know what?  It worked.  Within 12 hours of signing up I had an amazing new coach and a new drive to !


A Bad Rap

I’ve noticed that coaches have a reputation of being overbearing.  Now first off – in defense of my fellow junkies often times they’re so amped up about the results they’ve achieved its hard to contain themselves.  Myself I’ve had experiences with coaches that left me disillusioned.  Some will send you the token e-mail saying “welcome to the team” and then go silent.  Some of them are only about the money and will only help you if you buy product!  I refuse to be that guy.


My Pledge to You

I’m not that guy – I refuse to be.  I will invite you to and join our challenges.  I will follow up with you once to see if you’re interested.  After that – I’m going to leave you alone! If you decide you’d like to work with my team you let me know and you’re in!  Once you join my team – I will do my best to answer any questions you have and help you succeed – whether you buy products or not. 


My primary goal in becoming a Beachbody Coach is to keep pushing myself to continue to set and achieve new fitness goals.  My secondary goal is to help others do the same.  I’ll probably never change the world like a Bill Gates or a Tony Horton has but I know I can help change the world of a few.  If I can build a new revenue stream in doing that great – but this is not my driving factor.  I will recommend various BeachBody products and it will sound like I am selling.  I only recommend products that I use and I know work.  I will also recommend a lot of products made by other companies that I will not make money on.  I only want you to succeed and share what has helped me.


Please feel free to if you have any questions!

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