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A shortcut to nowhere

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on February 8 2013 Add Comments

When I was teenager, I was a competitive alpine ski racer with the Rabbit Hill Alpine ski team.  I remember one afternoon the team was on our way back to the hotel from a day of training at Lake Louise.  Our coach pulled the van over on the side of the highway – a short [...]

Before and After Pictures

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on November 15 2012 Add Comments

This is one of the hardest things for me to do, posting before and after pictures publicly for all to see.  It’s taken me a lot of years to get the guts to do this.  With the exception of a brief stint in my teens when I was an alpine ski racer for Rabbit Hill [...]

P90X phase 1 complete

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on June 6 2010 Add Comments

Wrapped up the first month of P90X today.  I’m pretty stoked.  I’ve lost about 10 lbs in the month, but I’m not that surprised.  My eating before I started P90X was very carbohydrate heavy.  This resulted in me probably eating more than I should have to feel satiated.  Also, I didn’t eat nearly enough protein [...]

Fad diets vs the Sustainable lifestyle change

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on January 31 2010 Add Comments

I kinda really don’t like the word diet.  When I hear most people talking about diets they’re normally doing some weird “drink only juice” or eat only blueberries covered with chicken.  If i had to define diet in my own words it would be something like  “balanced combination of food to provide the appropriate nutrients [...]

Leaving Las Vegas

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on December 5 2008 Add Comments

I did it.   All of the things I planned (except for taking the stairs to my room on the 26th floor) I did.  I ate pretty well, I had some drinks, I sat with the smokers and didn’t smoke.  To eat well I did have to avoid the buffets and food that was included in [...]

Hello Las Vegas!

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on November 28 2008 Add Comments

Back again for Autodesk University 2008. Las Vegas is one of my favorite places.   As an adult with ADHD there is so much shiny and blinky to captivate me.  In the past – it meant being able to smoke, drink and gorge at all you can eat buffets.  But now I have a new life.  [...]


Posted by Darrin Maidlow on October 31 2008 Add Comments

I cancelled Halloween this year.  Lights are off and I’m hiding in the basement.  I couldn’t handle having a bowl full of tasty little candies in the house. Apparently, some giant douche seems to have made it inappropriate to give out healthy alternatives like apples.  Thanks Jerk.

Happy Birthday to me!

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on September 17 2008 Add Comments

This is it, the big thirty.  I’m officially an adult!  I was kinda worried about this milestone in my life… The changes I’m making in my life – the life I’ve built together with my wife.  Thirty ain’t so bad… Here’s to ten more!

It’s been a month…

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on August 25 2008 Add Comments

Today marks the one month mark.  I’m still wearing my patch.  I’m walking on the treadmill when my phone rings.  My head no longer feels like its going to explode.  I still can’t run very long on the treadmill.   Maybe 5 to 10 minutes tops.  I don’t like to watch the scale but I’ve lost [...]