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What is Functional Fitness?

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on December 5 2012 Add Comments

To me Functional fitness is:   Slipping on ice – feet up in the air land on your back and not pulling every muscle in your core leaving you unable to function for days, weeks or worse. Being able to lift my children with ease and even throw them up in the air and catch [...]

What to expect in P90X Phase 1

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on November 27 2012 Add Comments

This post is a summary of phase 1 of P90X which covers week one through four.  My goal in writing this is to give you a brief overview of what to expect in phase one of the program.  Repeat this week three times and add a recovery week and phase one is complete!   I [...]

My Supplement Regimen

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on November 26 2012 2 Commented

There are five nutritional supplements that I’ve been relying on for the past several years.  I keep this list current and add / remove products from this page as I change my opinion.   Metamucil Every night I take two heaping table spoons of the original Metamucil in an small glass of water.  I don’t [...]

Fitness challenge group–What you need to know

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on November 25 2012 Add Comments

Increasing my personal fitness has helped improve every aspect of my life.  I’m healthy and know I’m doing everything I can to make sure I’m here for my family.  I’m happier and my self esteem is up.  My productivity is up allowing me to get as much done professionally with the limited time I have [...]

What do you need to get started with P90X

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on November 21 2012 Add Comments

So you are curious about P90X?  you’ve come to the right place!  This post will show you roughly what you’ll need to get started in two configurations of equipment.   Short of it – with no existing equipment you can be up and running for as little as 160$. Space You don’t need a lot of [...]

How to complete P90X / P90X2

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on November 14 2012 Add Comments

I want you to succeeded if you pick up P90X/P90X2 or a similar program. Here are some tips from my experiences with the various Beachbody programs.             Decide. Commit. Set Goal. Beachbody nailed it with their slogan.  Decide. Commit. Succeed.  If you decide to take on a program and you [...]

P90X doubles week one complete

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on June 13 2010 Add Comments

Finished my first week of P90X doubles.  I think the hardest part about the doubles program – is not the extra cardio – but rather the time needed to do it.  Yah, doing the extra cardio is a bit more demanding but really – where I found it difficult was squeezing in two plus hours [...]

Day one of P90X doubles a success

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on June 7 2010 one Commented

So I finished my first day of P90X doubles today.  It feels good, damn good actually.  Started off the day bright and early at 7:30 with another monster omelet, some cottage cheese, and a cappuccino. I did a 5 mile run around 9:30 in the morning, it was a nice cool morning – great day [...]

P90X phase 1 complete

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on June 6 2010 Add Comments

Wrapped up the first month of P90X today.  I’m pretty stoked.  I’ve lost about 10 lbs in the month, but I’m not that surprised.  My eating before I started P90X was very carbohydrate heavy.  This resulted in me probably eating more than I should have to feel satiated.  Also, I didn’t eat nearly enough protein [...]

P90X – Week three

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on May 31 2010 Add Comments

Week three is done.  The chin-up bar is hung.  Next week is the last week of phase one where everything changes up.  YogaX twice in one week makes me a little bit sad… The only thing sore today is my butt – but aside from that life is peachy.  I’ve lot six pounds since starting [...]