About Me

I’m an entrepreneur with a software developer development background. Both development and entrepreneurship are my passions.  I work for a company named ChasmX and I specialize in helping businesses solve problems and save money using custom software.  In the handful of hours I’m not glued to my keyboard I also play a little guitar, I’m sometimes in a band call the . Married, with two kids and five dogs!


Being stuck in a chair as a software developer for over a decade and a half was horrible for my physical self.  In the summer of 2008, my doctor gave me the bad news. This resulted in me changing my life, and probably saving my life. In the past five years I’ve lost almost 100lbs and gained a whole new lease on life.  I’ve become an avid practitioner of , , and .  I also do a bit of running and mountain biking. I used to be a competitive alpine ski racer as a teenager and I’m still a big skier.  I chose to document my experiences here, in hopes that my they might help someone else.
If you are interested in making a change in your life –


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