5th December, 2012

What is Functional Fitness?

To me Functional fitness is:


  1. Slipping on ice – feet up in the air land on your back and not pulling every muscle in your core leaving you unable to function for days, weeks or worse.
  2. Being able to lift my children with ease and even throw them up in the air and catch them.
  3. Having the core strength to spend an entire day on the slopes – not “in the chalet”.
  4. Being able to lift a heavy computer or box and not pull a muscle in my back.
  5. Being able to tear through a tough workout like , or .
  6. Being able to keep up with my kids when they start tearing around!
  7. Having the core strength to control a 250CC dirt bike.
  8. Having the endurance to hike up a mountain.


My experiences with P90X, P90X2, and Insanity have all helped me strengthen my entire body and increase my functional fitness by simultaneously working multiple muscle groups.  I notice this every day!


More details on .


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