21st November, 2012

What do you need to get started with P90X

So you are curious about P90X?  you’ve come to the right place!  This post will show you roughly what you’ll need to get started in two configurations of equipment.   Short of it – with no existing equipment you can be up and running for as little as 160$.


You don’t need a lot of space.  More is obviously better but if you can do a pushup you have enough room.  Move the coffee table out of the way and use the TV.  I used to workout in my basement office playing the videos on my computer.  Space is hopefully free :)



Running shoes will work but you may have problems during the plyometric workouts.  I would get pains in the arches of my feet.  Shoes that are made for jumping might be better – ie tennis or court shoes.  I had been buying shoes primarily at a running store here in town.  They were not very helpful when I started asking about shoes for plyometrics : )




Bands or Dumb bells

I started P90X the first time with a borrowed set of bands that were too light.  I switched to dumb bells after the first week and have preferred those since.  I started with a pair of 10s, 15s, 20s and 25s.  Adding a pair of 5s in there might not be a bad idea.  Now on my nth cycle I still use the 10s –25s but I’ve also added 40s and 50s for some extra oompf!


Please do not buy your dumb bells online.  Shipping will be killer.  You can pick them up at a local fitness store in various styles.  I prefer the .  They run about one dollar per pound so it can get a little pricey if you try to buy an entire set of heavy ones at once.


  They’re super portable and you can do the entire P90X program using ONLY bands.  Each band “kit” contains varying tensions of bands:


  • Standard kit – 15-30lbs
  • Super kit – 20-40lbs
  • Extreme kit – 40-50lbs


You may want to consider getting two sets of bands so you can get more of a range for your workouts – especially if you’re not going to use a chin up bar.


40$ for a single set of , 80 for two sets

240$ for a big range of dumb bells


Bands or Chinup bar

After that first week of using the bands – I also ordered the .  This thing is pretty sweet.  I love doing chin ups.  For me – P90X is all about chin ups :) .  After a little assembly it fits in a door frame.  I jerry rigged a fake door configuration from one of the main floor joists in my unfinished basement.  Sadly our new home doesn’t have a suitable door frame with enough room for my head to come up above the bar or a tall enough door so I’ve had to move to a free standing chin up bar.  I would much prefer to use the P90X one too.


A couple very important things to note.  The place where the bars rubber grips meet your door trim may damage the trim.  The rubber seems to rub off.  If you have a finished door get a couple of small squares of carpet and put the carper between the bar and the door trim.  This seems to keep your trim from being damaged.  Also if you have ornate door molding with a lot of fine detail (wood or MDF) you may want to be careful with the bar it may damage your trim.


40$ for a single set of , 80 for two sets

60$ for a

A Team

I can’t stress this enough.  P90X can be a tough program especially the first time through.  Your chances of success are greater when you have a team supporting you.  and we will do everything we can to help you succeed.  We can help you get familiar with the program.  We can answer any questions you might have.  We can help you stay accountable.  We will help you meet your goals.


You may also want to consider joining my team with a subscription to the   Club members will save 10% on all orders and get access to a bunch of online bonus tools such as an meal planner that generates meals and shipping lists.  At 12$ a month if you need to purchase a program like P90X or a month of supplements the 10% discount pays for the membership.


The program

Yup you should probably get yourself a copy of the P90X program ; )   There are two options here depending on your budget and also the equipment you already have.

P90X Challenge Pack

The offers some serious savings.  For 205$ you get the base package, bonus workout dvds as well as a month supply of Shakeology.  You also need either a set of bands or dumbbells/chin up bar with the challenge pack.


P90X Base

The base package costs about 120$ and includes all the DVDs.  If you’ve got all the equipment already this is the way to go.


P90X Peak Results Package

This is a .  This comes with:

  • Base Package
  • Bonus Workouts
  • Bands
  • Chin up Bar
  • Chin up Assist
  • Results and Recovery Formula


Make sure you pick the appropriate band – if you’re just getting started please consider picking the medium bands.


This package will cost you about 260$ but you save a  decent amount over buying each piece separately.



There is nothing that says you need to take supplements to do P90X.  I’ve completed the program both with and without them.  I usually use the , the .  A monthly supply of these two supplements will run you about 80$.  More details on these products can be found in my post on the I use.


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