14th November, 2012

How to complete P90X / P90X2

I want you to succeeded if you pick up / or a similar program. Here are some tips from my experiences with the various Beachbody programs.


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Decide. Commit. Set Goal.

Beachbody nailed it with their slogan.  Decide. Commit. Succeed.  If you decide to take on a program and you commit to working out you are on your way to succeeding. I also recommend you set a realistic goal.  Your goal may be:

  • Finish the program
  • Finish with super clean eating
  • Finish a round of doubles


Set a realistic goal

P90X and P90X2 are hard.  I believe a perfectly reasonable goal the first time through is to just finish the program!  Its probably pretty unlikely that a person could lose 50lbs and get a six pack by the end of a single cycle of a program.  This goal is 100% achievable but it may take a few rounds.


I don’t believe setting a weight loss goal is the right way to go for a single cycle of a workout program.  By all means set a target weight but realize it may take a couple cycles to get there.  Also know that the weight you think you should be – might very well be incorrect. Weight is also a tricky metric.  As you work through a program like P90X or P90X2 you will lose fat but you will also gain muscle.  That can make the scale a bit misleading especially when you get further down the road and you have less body fat.


Join a Team

People are always stronger in groups. significantly increases the likeliness you will succeed. I’d love it if you would join mine.  I’ll work with you one on one and in challenge groups to help you achieve your goals.

Write it down

You’re going to hear this a LOT.  Mr. Horton is 100% correct.  The programs come with worksheets in the books.  I don’t use those.  You can download printable copies of the and worksheets from BeachBody.  Print those out and keep them and a pen with your workout.  After I finish a program I keep.  When starting a new cycle I will use the numbers from a previous cycle as starting points for setting my goals for this workout.  I do not sweat it if my numbers this time around don’t match the last time.  They’ll be better next week!

Take the Fit Test

The X’s come with fit tests.  First thing you should do when you’ve decided to do one of the X’s is the fit tests and write down the results.  I like to do the fit test at the beginning of a program as well as the end of each phase of the program.  This makes the progress I’ve made very clear and is a huge motivational boost.


Use the SuperGym

Log all your workouts on the .  Not only can you win some great prizes just for working out – there is something incredibly gratifying about seeing all those green squares in the calendar. 


Never ever skip the warm up or stretch

In any program, but especially the more intense programs the warm up/stretch as well as the cool down/stretch are critical.  They help get your body ready for what is coming and recover from what you have done.  Most importantly warm up, cool down and stretching will prevent you from tweaking and injuring something.  Any time I’ve been injured working out it is because I did not stretch properly.  Even if you need to cut a workout short – always fast forward to the end and do the cool down and stretch.


Watch the moves at first

If its your first couple times doing the workout take a second and watch each move before you try it.  Then rewind and give it a shot.  Don’t expect perfection.  It takes time and practices to get a lot of these down.  In many cases you will not be able to match the performance on the screen – don’t let this get you down.  It takes time!


Make some noise when working out

I grunt.  I groan.  I moan. I’ll even yell.  My poor wife has heard a lot of scary sounds when I’m working out.  You’re not in a gym with anti-grunting rules.  Make some noise to get those last few reps in.  It works!


Before and after pictures

I’ve always struggled with this.  I’ve always been very sensitive about my weight.  The first time I did P90X I did not take a before shot.  I was too embarrassed.  I regret that now.  I would love to have had my original before shot.  Though I will also be disappointed that I let myself get that overweight, I would be proud to display that picture next to my after shot.  So my advice if this situation sounds familiar is to always take a before shot.  You don’t have to share it.  However, once you finish a program or maybe two  I have a feeling you will feel the same way I do now.


Show up every day and give it your all – Don’t sweat it if you don’t

Push Play.  You’ll hear this a lot too in P90X.  It’s true.  Do your best to show up every day and do your best.  You may not finish the whole workout.  You may miss a day because of work or you caught a cold.  Don’t sweat it.  You may be shooting for a super clean diet and may eat a cookie or have a piece of cake.  Don’t sweat it.  Its not the end of the world.  Reset and start again tomorrow.  So often I see people get so distraught about a single slip up that it can spiral into a outright quit.  It’s not that big of a deal if you make a mistake – you just need to reboot and start again the next day!


In my second cycle of P90X I was doing P90X+.   I went to Phoenix for a friends wedding.  I didn’t work out, I ate pizza, I did everything I should not have.  You know what?  I came home and pretended that week just didn’t happen.  I picked right up where I left off an kept going.  Don’t sweat it.


These are just a few tips that will help you succeed in your program.  Please don’t hesitate to if you have any questions or comments.


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