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Ultimate tuna sandwich

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on January 16 2009 Add Comments

One of my favorite lunches is this tuna sandwich. It’s quick to make has a ton of protein and is super tasty! To make this tasty lunch you’ll need the following: One can of tuna – 120 cal One Tablespoon of mayonaise – 100 cal One green onion chopped One Garlic Stuff Olive chopped One [...]

An open letter to Nintendo

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on January 9 2009 Add Comments

Dear Nintendo, I’m sure you are a loyal reader, Nintendo.  So you must be aware that I love the Wii Fit, and I try to use it as a serious way to try and get/stay healthy. I’ve been using the Wii Fit for 200+ days – every day it reminds me which day I’m on!  [...]

Eating too much? Try smaller plates

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on January 2 2009 Add Comments

I feel compelled to finish all the food on my plate.  Maybe this goes back to those childhood dinners where my parents would not let me leave the table until I had eaten all my food.  Now twenty plus years later I have no problem clearing my plate (and sometimes my wife’s plate too).  This [...]