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Hello Las Vegas!

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on November 28 2008 Add Comments

Back again for Autodesk University 2008. Las Vegas is one of my favorite places.   As an adult with ADHD there is so much shiny and blinky to captivate me.  In the past – it meant being able to smoke, drink and gorge at all you can eat buffets.  But now I have a new life.  [...]

My secret “faster food” weapon

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on November 20 2008 Add Comments

At least once a week I head down to my good buddy Kal’s place,  Mr Sub.  I order the foot long grilled chicken sub on whole wheat bread, with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, cucumbers, pickles and yes I get the cheese.  For sauce, mustard and sometimes hot sauce and mustard. All this is only [...]

Treadmill progression

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on November 7 2008 Add Comments

I’ve been making some progress on the treadmill.  I’m up to a good fifteen minute jog at a slight inclination.  When I hit 13 minutes I either bump up the speed to a good fast run or increase the inclination for the last two minuted. Think I’ll increase the duration by another five minutes next [...]