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Getting started with a treadmill

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on September 26 2008 Add Comments

If you’re fortunate enough to have the cash, and room for a treadmill this article is for you.  I’m going to assume you just picked that treadmill up and you’re now looking to me for instructions on what to do next.  Just kidding.  Seriously though, here is what I did when I first got my [...]

Happy Birthday to me!

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on September 17 2008 Add Comments

This is it, the big thirty.  I’m officially an adult!  I was kinda worried about this milestone in my life… The changes I’m making in my life – the life I’ve built together with my wife.  Thirty ain’t so bad… Here’s to ten more!

Another vice bites the dust – drinking

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on September 12 2008 Add Comments

Last weekend I went out to see my friend’s band This is a Standoff.  Show was great, but I ended up drinking probably a little more than I should have.  Scratch that, I drank like I was a 17 year old alcoholic again.  In the past decade or so – I would binge drink.  Once, [...]

Oh sweet sweet coffee, how I’ve missed you…

Posted by Darrin Maidlow on September 5 2008 Add Comments

I take it back.  I TAKE IT BACK!  I’m back on the coffee.  One key difference though.  Now, I have one, two cups max each morning – not two or three pots.  That’s PERFECTLY OK!  I missed coffee a lot.  I’m still drinking it black with no sugar, so as to not increase the calories [...]